Cung Le

(Cung Le Story & Interview)

By. S.Arredondo


Strike Force Champion Cung Le



Cun Le was born in Saigon, South Vietnam in May 25, 1972. He is a world champion Vietnamese American kickboxing fighter, Strike Force Middle Heavyweight champion fighting out of San Jose, California. Cung Le’s life changed when his mother and him fled Saigon, in 1975 as the city fell to communist rule. Le eventually ended up in San Jose, California and became inspired to learn mixed martial arts because of a severe problem with bullies. Ms. Le enrolled him in Taekwondo classes at 10 years old. He developed a passion for those classes and became interested in learning a variety of styles. Cung Le later went on to become undefeated as a professional kickboxer with 22 consecutive wins. Apart from coaching his own team, Cun Le has become a three time world champion. In 1994, 1995, and 1996 Le won three US Open International Martial Arts Championships. He is undefeated in his pro Sanshou career (17-0-0). He has also won 4 US National Championships in 1994, 1995, and 1997). Le earned three bronze medals in his amateur San Shou world competition. December 15, 2001 he defeated Shonie Carter by unanimous decision in San Jose, California to win the IKF Pro Light-Heavyweight San Shou World Title. Le later decided to fight in K-1 competitions and earned a 3-0 record. Le made his mixed martial arts debut on March 10th Shamrock vs. Gracie fight card at the HP Pavilion at San Jose. Knocking out Mike Altman in round 1. He later went on to face King of the Cage veteran Brian Warren, defeating him at 4:19 with a flury of punches. On December 8, 2006, Le defeated Jason Von Flue when the fight had to be stopped due to a cut. On March 29,2009 Le defeated MMA veteran Frank Shamrock at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.




by S. Arredondo


CA: Do you have any fights coming up in the future?


CUNG LE: I don’t have any fights right now, I know everyone is upset at me for not fighting. But I am sure they would understand if they had the same opportunities that I have right now. So I am just taking advantage of it.


CUNG LE: Right now I am promoting the Movie Pandorum which is released Sept. 4th. Basically the movie’s cast is Dennis Quaid., Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, and Antje Traue and myself


CUNG LE: It is a big movie, It is released by Oveture Films and it is produced by Jermemy Volt. Its basically like the producers of Residence Evil. And it will be released world wide.



CA: Which Character will you be playing?
CUNG LE: I will be playing a character named Manh. Which is the Vietnamese characters and is one of the leads.



CA: What is the movie about?

Cung LE: Its terrifying story about two crew members stranded on a spacecraft who soon find out they are not alone It is a big movie.


CA: Where are you originally from?

Cung Le:I am from Vietnam. I came over here three days before the Fall of Saigon. And I am just lucky to be here. Doing the MMA and making movies now.


CA: Is there anyone who you feel has helped you get to where you are today?


CUNG LE: I got to say Javier Mendez has improved my game. And has helped me in my mma career. He is the one who talked me into doing MMA and my promoter Scott Coker of Strikeforce.

Cung Le Facts:


Age: 35 years

Born in Saigon, Vietnam

Hometown: San Jose, California USA

Marital Status: Single

Children: 2 boys

San Shou Record: 17-0, 12 KO

MMA Record: 6-0, 6 KO

Normal Weight: 185 lbs

Fight Weight: 175-180 lbs



Cung Le


Cung Le

Cung Le

Cung Le