Chris Arreola

(The Man Behind "The Nightmare")

By. D.Arredondo


If there’s one man that most accomplished heavy weight fighters fear combating most, it’s the undefeated Chris "Nightmare" Arreola. Just preview any one of his previous fights and you will agree that the alarm he emits is truly understandable.

Arreola is distinctive in every sense of the word. His most notable trait is his cool and collected demeanor. That quality isn’t directed only in front of the media, but to everyone who comes across this great boxer. But that’s not to say that Arreola is as friendly in the ring.  His calm demeanor transforms into Taz at the sound of the bell and from there on it’s square business and nothing personal. Arreola has only one thing in mind, and that’s to fiercely defend his undefeated boxing status. Like David Banner of the Incredible Hulk, Chris Arreola tends to fight with incredible instinct and doesn’t seem to get fazed when countered with a stiff jab. He has tremendous upper and lower body strength and is known for his powerful “ganchos estilo Mexicano” or “Mexican style hooks”.  He somehow works his opponents up into frustration which then causes them to lose control of their boxing strategy. Exhausted and confused, Arreola’s opponents either resort to all out brawling or cower in a locked defense.
Examples of this was demonstrated when Arreola fought against Travis Walker, Malcolm Tann and Cliff Couser. Arreola was able to overwhelm them with his fierce combinations and eventually hammer them into the ground.

As for a little root history on Chris Arreola, the 28 year old boxer was born in Los Angeles, California on May 3rd, 1981. His father, who was an amateur boxer and trainer inspired his son to train and consider boxing as a career. His choice to follow his father’s footsteps turned out to be wise.
Arreola then moved to Riverside, California where he began training at both the Lincoln Boxing Club and Indian’s Gym.  At the age of 16 and about 200 amateur bouts, Arreola somehow lost interest in the sport and quite, but returned 4 years later and won the National Golden Gloves in 2001 after defeating Dallas “Deaf Pride” Vargas of Toledo, Ohio. Then in 2003 Arreola decided to turn pro after considering the fact he might make a decent income.  With a family to feed, Arreola had no choice but to give a try.  He was put to the test, in which he prevailed by defeating Domonic Jenkins, Sedreck Fields, Damian Norris and Damian Wills all one by one.  Boxing promoters would eventually line Arreola up with bigger dogs such as Chazz Witherspoon (23-0), Travis Walker (30-2-1), and Jameel McCline (39-9 23 KO's) in which Arreola also defeated. Chris Arreola is now ranked in the top 10 by three of the four chief governing bodies.

He recently stated in an HBO interview that the love of his young daughter is the main reason he won’t be stopped. Boxing is his bread and butter and he wants to provide the best for his little girl. Chris “Nightmare” Arreola certainly provides the best for the entire sport of boxing as well.