Sugar Ray Leonard

(Painting, Poetry & Quotes)

By. David Rene Arredondo


Sugar Ray Leonard began as an youthful Olympic, at only 20 years old,
After his conquer of Andres Aldama, one of the best would unfold.


He fought with self-belief as he jabbed with a grin,
Knocking Aldama to his knees with a left hook to the chin.


Sugar Ray Leonard was a boxing world class,
He punished Roberto Duran, “No Mas, No Mas!”


He out boxed Ayub Kalule and defeated Thomas Hearns,
He scored a second world title, retired then returned.


Marvin Hagler gave Leonard hell but stood his ground,
Both fighters were ranked the best, pound for pound.


At the old age of 40, Leonard in conclusion met his match,
He was defeated by the younger Camacho; the fight would be his last.


Leonard then announced to the press after making it over the hill,
Quote, “The journey is over, the dream fulfilled”




“A fighter never knows when it's the last bell. He doesn't want to face that.”
Sugar Ray Leonard


“I consider myself blessed. I consider you blessed. We've all been blessed with God-given talents. Mine just happens to be beating people up.”
Sugar Ray Leonard

“The journey is over, the dream fulfilled”

Sugar Ray Leonard



Sugar Ray Leonard Painting, Poetry, Boxing Art, Quotes

Sugar Ray Leonard Painting

Sugar Ray Leonard Painting

MATERIALS USED: Oil pastels & water color on (15" x 20") rag surfaced illustration board of medium weight.

El Paso Texas artists Eduardo & Lorena Aguilar