Jose Lugo

(Ink Spot Tattoo El Paso, Texas)

By. C.A.

Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo


We are proud to present the fine art of El Paso tattoo artist Jose Lugo.
Lujan, who currently slings ink at Ink Spot Tattoo in El Paso, allowed us a glimpse of his remarkable Aztec art and pencil portraits.

The cultural themed tattoos which cover most of Lugo's body reveal his interest in indigenous style art. When we met Lugo he was drawing and using black chalk pastel on a 20X25 inch canvas board. He explained that his zeal of art never stops. After he's done tattooing skin at the busy Ink Spot Tattoo, he occupies his time creating fresh art on canvas.

Pastel art isn't simple. It takes practice and once mastered, an artist can create some highly detailed paintings.

There is a current demand for cultural related tattoos and Lugo tells us that many of his clients request Aztec & Mayan theme tattoos. He is also selected to do intricate portraits and is known for his talent.

Before starting a portrait tattoo, Lugo sketches a detailed portrait for his client on paper. It's time consuming and doesn't come without a price, but people are willing to pay a little extra for a detailed portrait of a loved one that will remain in their skin for the rest of their lives.

Lugo explains that his passion for art goes far back to when he was a kid with big dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. He loved art and knew he wanted to make a living slinging ink.

We salute this talented artist for allowing us the honor of featuring his creative abilities on our website.


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Quotes on Tattoos


"The universality of tattooing is a curious subject for speculation"
Captain James Cook - 1779

Primitive tribes were certainly convinced that the spirit, having escaped from the body at death, retained a replica of its earthly tenement. They therefore used tattoo marks as a means of identification in the next world and a passport to future happiness. (Ronald Scutt, Art, Sex and Symbol, 1974)

Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past. Jack London - 1883


Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo

Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo

Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo

Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo