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California Tattoo Artist Placaso

We proudly present a glimpse of tattoo art at it’s finest by introducing to you meticulous artist Armando “Placaso” Casas of Santa Ana California.
Casas, who is widely known among the west coast tattoo scene visited El Paso Texas and demonstrated his talent at the fine shop of Ink Spot Tattoo.

Armed with his tattoo pistol and amazing art portfolio, 29 year old Placaso spent the week slinging ink at Ink Spot. We were honored to learn a little about Placaso’s life as a tattoo artist.

This self made artist started tattooing at the young age of 12 and worked his way up into mastering the sinister look of black and white tattoos. After gaining enough experience off his homemade spinner as a teen, he scored him a pro set and found work at Lowrider Tattoo in southern California. There he was given the great opportunity in meeting some of the nations best ink slingers; artists such as Mr. Cartoon, Steve Soto of Ink Slingers Tattoo, Jose Lopez of Lowrider Tattoo and the well known Chuy Quintana of Good Time Charlie’s Tattoo.

Placaso met El Paso’s Ink Spot owner Rick at a tattoo convention in Pomona California. Placaso’s meticulous art impressed Rick and the two found they had a lot in common.

Placaso masters in everything from pencil art and portraits, to air brush and Aztec art. Much of Placaso’s strength comes from his loving wife and 3 kids.

Armando “Placaso” Casas is a family man at heart and lives his life based off Proverbs verse 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”




"Spend a lot of time learning off tattoo professionals. You will learn new techniques and you’ll discover your own style. . Associate with people who encourage you, they will help you succeed."

By. Armando “Placaso” Casas



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Ink Spot Tattoos

Ink Spot Tattoo

California Tattoo Artist Placaso

California Tattoo Artist Placaso

California Tattoo Artist Placaso