Ink Spot

4112 Montana Ave
El Paso TX 79903

(915) 562-1131

Ink Spot Tattoos

While cruising through central El Paso’s classic Montana Avenue we came across Ink Spot Tattoo. 

What caught our eye was that the red brick building was festooned in artistic spray painted murals.  Curious of what this artistic looking tattoo parlor was all about we decided to check it out.

As we strolled in we were greeted by the busy shops owner Rick, who then gave us a tour of his place.   He presented us with the history of his tattoo parlor and informed us that his cool shop had been in business for over a decade.

We talked about the El Paso tattoo scene and then drifted off into the subject of California. We were surprised to learn that Rick was a California native who knew everything about the mammoth west coast tattoo scene.

We observed every detail of his clean tattoo shop and were pleasantly surprised to find that the artists of Ink Spot were either busy tattooing skin or painting away on canvas.

It was evident that these bad boys really mastered art and truly understood the sweet science of tattoos.  

 We boldly recommend Ink Spot to anyone looking for a quality tattoo in the El Paso Texas area.





History of Tattoos

By. C.A.

History of Tattoos
If you look around it seems that everybody seems to have a tattoo or exotic piercing. The history of tattoos reveals that tattoos haven’t always been socially acceptable. In fact it wasn’t that long ago when society viewed people with tattoos as either ex convicts, obnoxious sailors or drug addicts.
 The fact is that tattooing of skin originated thousands of years ago and not in the last 100 to 200 years as stated in other websites.  Archeologists have discovered Neolithic mummies with colorful tattoos that appear to have been religious and even cosmetic in nature.


When people discuss modern tattoo history, they tend to start with the Polynesians because this is where it all started.   It is a fact that the name "tattoo" comes from the Polynesian word “tatau”. It was a word used by the Samoans to describe individual tribes. 

As for the European world, tattoo history originates with the notorious Captain Cook. That is true to an extent but Cook did not start up the fad of tattoos. Instead he discovered Polynesians with tattoos when sailing though the South Pacific. Him and his sailors then tattooed them selves and spread the tattoo culture into Europe.


California Tattoo Artist Placaso

Meticulous artist Armando “Placaso” Casas


Tattoo Artist Jose Lugo







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Ink Spot Tattoos

History of Tattoos

Ink Spot Tattoos

Ink Spot Tattoos

Ink Spot Tattoos