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Tattoo Dan


We're pleased to introduce 24 year old Tattoo Dan out of Hollywood California.

Dan has committed his life to tattoo art and can be found slinging ink in conventions across the nation.

Tattoo Dan was born in York, Pennsylvania but decided to move to L.A. to pursue his life long dream of becoming a triumphant tattoo artist as well as operate his own tattoo business.

He has come a long way in the world of tattoos and now has his own network website

There you may see more of Dan's incredible tattoo art and up coming events.



C.A. .First of all tell us you're a little bit of background and personal
History starting off with; place of birth, your age?
Tattoo Dan: I was born in Lancaster, pa on 12/27/1983 but lived in York, Pennsylvania since I can ever remember. I moved from York to Hollywood, Ca in March of 2006 when I was 22 and have lived in the same apt for the past 2yrs in which I am now 24.

C.A. At what age did you realize that you enjoyed and loved art?

Tattoo Dan: I pretty much starting drawling at a really young age. My mom and sister
are both amazing artist. So I was always influenced by them and help me stick with
it throughout school.


C.A.: At what age did you start tattooing?
Tattoo Dan: I pretty much started apprenticing right out of high school. I think I just
turned 20 and apprenticed for about 8 months it think it was before I ever
started to actually tattooing.


C.A.: Who taught you the ropes?
Tattoo Dan: My sister’s husband is the man behind it all. His name is Robert Himes and
works out of his own shop back in York, Pennsylvania.


C.A.: Who are your favorite tattoo artists today? And Why?
Tattoo Dan: Fav artist are also friends of mine. Definitely a really close friend of
Mine is Willis he is the one that took me under his wing after I left my sister
husband shop does to personal vibes with another artist that was hired. Bob
Tyrell one of the top black and grey artist out there an probably the nicest dudes
I have ever met. It still blows my mind how someone like him has such a high
Status and popularity but still be genuinely given. Another friend would be
Nikko Hurtado this guy actually canceled another appointment with his friend to make sure he could get me in. And an artist that I have never met but I think is absolutely
amazing is Robert Hernandez from Spain.


C.A.: When did you get you first tattoo?
Tattoo Dan: I was actually 16 I went to this shop in town that I knew would tattoo
Underagers and there’s a reason behind it cause they sucked and couldn’t get clientele by people of age to have a choice in what shop to go to.

C.A.: Is there a meaning behind your 1st tattoo?
I would say no even though it does say my first an last name mixed in with my
date of birth in a bar code.

C.A.: What would you say is your most memorable piece of artwork?
Tattoo Dan: Probably my chest done by Bob Tyrell I flew into Detroit where he lives to
Get it done he picked me up at the airport took me out to dinner and then went to a bar with another amazing artist Marshall Bennit and partied it up till 4 in the morning. I stayed at his house and just to have all these amazing paintings from all these famous artist and trophies from all the awards at conventions was just a surreal feeling.

Tattoo Dan

Tattoo Dan


Tattoo Dan