Shark Club

(Tattoo Contest)


Shark Club Tattoo Contest

The agonizing pain of your most well earned tattoo may have paid off big at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa California.

The trendy club by the pacific presented a cool incentive for everyone wearing a skin deep tattoo and welcomed them into the club with no cover charge. The club got jam-packed with clubbers and gave them all an occasion to show off their most prized tattoos, then featured a tattoo contest for all who cared to partake.

Several contestants hit the stage to give the curious crowd a glimpse of art at its finest while jamming to the beats of live hip-hop and dancing to grooves of the clubs heart thumping DJ.

The Shark Club is a club known for its assorted variety of themes and allures people of every style. That’s what attracts us and other diverse artists to this artsy night club.

We salute the Shark Club for taking nightlife to a whole new level and look forward in checking out their next surprise theme night.





Tattoo Quotes

El Paso’s Ink Spot Tattoos

"As for the primitive, I hark back to it because we are still very primitive. How many thousands of years of culture, think you, have rubbed and polished at our raw edges? One probably; at the best, no more than two. And that takes us back to screaming savagery, when, gross of body and deed, we drank blood from the skulls of our enemies, and hailed as highest paradise the orgies and carnage of Valhalla." - JACK LONDON


"Every time I get a tattoo, my parents say they’ll disown me. I have to get them airbrushed for Charmed. Witches don’t have tattoos, I guess."
Alyssa Milano


"I dropped my pants in a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam. I woke up in a waterbed with this funky-looking dragon with a blue tongue on my hip. I realized I made a mistake, so a few months later I got a cross to cover it. When my pants hang low, it looks like I'm wearing a dagger!" - Angelina Jolie


Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful. (Pamela Anderson)

There is no "underground" community, no dark den of drunken sailors initiating themselves into manhood via cheap, ill-conceived exercises in bodily perforation; it's just a group of people who delight in using their bodies as billboards. ~Joanne McCubrey, "Walking Art: Tattoos," Mountain Democrat Weekend magazine, 9 February 1990


Inking without a plan gives Booth freedom to explore the desires of those seated in his chair, he says, to feed off their energy, allowing his clients' demons to help guide the needle. ~Joshua Lipton, about tattoo artist Paul Booth, "Bad Skin," Rolling Stone, 28 March 2002


Every time I get a tattoo, it’s a little f#^#-you to anyone who tells me not to. It’s weird to be part of Hollywood, which tries to control every aspect of people, from what they say to the color of their hair. And I like the way getting a tattoo feels. If I’m depressed, it’s nice to get one and deal with the pain. I have one all the way down to my ribs. It hurt, but it felt good–like twisting a loose tooth. I’m not kidding when I say that if I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I’ll quit Hollywood and go to work at Costco." ~ Megan Fox


I have this huge lion tattoo embossed on my arm. I was a little worried as to how we would cover it up. But my makeup man covered the tattoo with makeup. It took close to two hours.
Sanjay Dutt



El Paso Texas artist Lety McKay

Shark Club Tattoo Contest

Shark Club Tattoo Contest

Shark Club Tattoo Contest

Shark Club Tattoo Contest