Ross Puritty

Alias: The Boss

Global ID 5622
age 41
manager/agent register
division heavyweight
rating 222 / 1127
Nationality: US American
alias The Boss
Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
Born: 1966-12-18
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6'3″
Reach: 203

won 31 (KO 27) + lost 20 (KO 3) + drawn 3 = 54
rounds boxed 299 : KO% 50

The Ross Purrity Story.
What makes a champion?
 By C.A.


On May 29, 1989 Ross Puritty made his professional debut with a first-round
knockout of Sergio Araujo. 

He then lost his second professional fight to Cleveland Woods.  But Ross Puritty did not give up there.  With every
defeat in Puritty's early career came improvement.

Puritty was learning
and improving in the art of boxing.

The July 1994 fight against hard hitting
Heavyweight Tommy Morrison (41-2) at the time, was a huge turning point in
Puritty’s career. Puritty’s two knockdowns of Morrison in the tenth round battle ended up scoring a draw.

With what Puritty learned from this point
in his career was to “Always Train like a champion”. 

Puritty then went
on a mission and won his next consecutive bouts all by knock out.
Puritty had now made his mark in stone and was considered boxing heavyweights top-tier opponents earning matches against Michael Grant, Hasim Rahman, Jorge Luis Gonzales, and Joe Hipp (which he all beat).

After loosing 3
fights against, Corrie Sanders, Larry Donald, and Chris Bryd.  Puritty made
his name in history with a comeback when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko and
Mark Hulstrom.

Ross Puritty would fight anybody who dared challenge him in
the ring.

Today Ross Puritty is mentoring inner city troubled youths and teaches them the values of self discipline, responsibility and the art of boxing. Puritty has made an impact and continues to change their lives and
keeping them out of trouble. This is what we considered to be
the model of what makes a true champion.




Ross Puritty Interview


C.A.: As a kid growing up which boxers did you most admire & respect? And Why?

Ross Puritty: I’d have to say Oscar De La Hoya for his business sense, George Forman, Roy Jones Junior. I admire these boxers because they made a life for their families and themselves way beyond boxing.


C.A.:Who do believe are some of the most accomplished fighters?

Ross Puritty: Muhammad Ali
Lenox Lewis
Roy Jones
Thomas Hearns
Sugar Ray Leonard.



C.A.:As a current trainer and mentor what principles do you instill in your
Ross Puritty: Be a man of your word and live up to your word.
Give the best that you got.
Beyond that there is not a whole lot to it.



C.A.:At which age did you realize you have what it takes to become a
Professional boxer?
Ross Puritty: I started it as a hobby and got lucky by fighting Tommy Morrison.



C.A.:What advice would you like to give to someone who is thinking of making a
Career out of boxing?
Ross Puritty: Everything always starts with a jab.
Always train like a champion. Always train hard and don’t fluctuate in weight.



C.A.:What qualities make a great fighter?
Ross Puritty: Heart and determination. Having limited skill but having heart, you can turn him into a champion.



Ross Puritty Advice.

Don’t go into this as a sport. Think of it as a business. It's not for everyone. Go
into it with your heart.

Unfortunately boxing is sometimes more about connections than it is about skill or athletics.


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