The Unveiling of Twin Serpents Mural - "Omecoatl Twin Serpent”

Article: CA 10/6/2011

Photos and Graphics: D. Arredondo and Chucky Licon

Thousands of El Paso, Texas residents were once again presented with a free 1rst class car and art show at Lincoln Park this Sunday 25th 2011.

The Lincoln Park Conservation Committee and Latin Pride Car Club hosted the huge event, formally known as Lincoln Park Day. The 6th annual celebration centered on the unveiling of "Omecoatl Twin Serpent”, a new and vibrant pillar mural created by muralist Gabriel Gaytan. ‘Omecoatl Twin Serpent’ will mark Gaytan’s third freeway column mural, following his 2010 ‘Chuco Suave’ (Smooth El Paso) mural and ‘El Corazon De El Paso’ (The Heart of El Paso) mural of 2009. Gaytan’s amazing murals are just three of dozens of pillar murals already painted at Lincoln Park by other local artists.
Recognized El Paso muralists Gaspar Enriquez, Steve Salazar and Jesus Alvarado also attended the show and expressed the importance of preserving the park and it’s unique collection of murals.

"I couldn’t have done this without the help of Latin Pride Car Club" said muralist Gabriel Gaytan as he spoke in front of hundreds of spectators. Members of Latin Pride car club are credited for assisting Gaytan with everything from transporting and operating a man-lift to helping Gaytan paint all three of his murals. Gaytan who is also a participating member of the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee bases most, if not all of his art on his indigenous Native American heritage and Chicano Culture. That’s not to say the event is intended for Hispanics only. Each year Lincoln Park Day attracts dozens of people of different cultures interested in seeing the true authenticity of lowriders and the Chicano culture.

Gaytan continued his speech along side good friend and fellow Lincoln Park Conservation Committee president Hector Gonzales. Gonzales, who has lived the lowrider lifestyle all of his life is also founder of Latin Pride car club, a club he helped form with his brother David Gonzales and close friends 25 years ago. The Gonzales brothers, as many know them developed a good friendship with San Diego’s Chicano Park Steering Committee. After years of traveling to San Diego to exhibit their vintage cars as well as display their pride for El Paso, the Gonzales brothers wondered why El Paso could not follow San Diego’s footsteps. After all, Lincoln Park of El Paso bared a strong resemblance to San Diego California’s Chicano Park with all of its tall pillars and amazing murals. As appealing as the idea appeared, it would not be an easy task. The city and many El Pasoans unaware of its great potential ignored the 23-½ acre Lincoln Park. Flash floods had already wiped out several Lincoln Park neighborhoods and over 50 buildings in 2006. The idea of converting the park into a tourist attraction as well as host of one of El Paso’s biggest car and art shows seemed far fetched but not out of reach for Gonzales.

Giving-up on the idea of preserving ‘El Paso’s Chicano Park’ may have been tempting to most but doing so would rob El Paso of such a rare and distinctive park. Gonzales presented his friends and associates, including artist Gabriel Gaytan with the proposal of forming a park committee. The Lincoln Park Conservation Committee was born and has now succeeded in not only providing the park with new vibrant murals but has also given the community an artistic experience similar to that of San Diego, California.
“Once you’re here one time, you’ll always come back” said Hector Gonzales. “This brings the young mainstream to the show. It’s something new and different for them to experience.”

Different indeed. Tourists from as far as Dallas, Texas, Albuquerque, California and Las Vegas attended the event. "We heard about this car show online" said Spiry of Las Vegas based Show Lows car club. “This reminds me a lot of Chicano Park” he said. Spriy and family trailered in their 8-ball black 1950 Chevy Convertable from their hometown of Las Vegas Nevada.

New Breed Car Club robbed all eyes with their pristine show quality classic Chevy's. "The fine detail on these cars is insane" said Lincoln Park visitor Eddie Holguin."I'd be afraid to drive a car this flawless." he said.

The Chicano American culture is credited for its unique style of lowriders and vintage cars, most which are fully restored with the blood, sweat and tears of their owners. "This car was dug out from the ground” said Gilbert of Blvd Lowcos car club as he pointed at a classic metallic green 1963 Buick Riviera. The rare Buick was rescued after decades of sitting in dirt and was spared a new life as a custom lowrider.

"This event is for the people. It recognizes no barriers” said Lincoln Park Conservation Committee member David Gonzales as he pointed to the thousands of men, woman and children enjoying the event. Gonzales, who is also a Latin Pride car club member showcased his restored 66 Chevy Impala Super Sport Convertible.

The street –like festival consisted of DJ Music, delicious Mexican food, family picnics, folkloric and Aztec dance performances, a United Stated Marine march, art and more.
Lincoln Park Day is definitely a winner worth traveling to see. We look forward in finding out what next year’s theme will be.





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