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“X-Treme Dark”

MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on sketch paper (8 ½” X 11”)

SIGNIFICANCE: FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). The photo reference I used for this was art, in and of itself. A sheer no-brainer that was so much fun to do. At that time, Robert Patrick’s Doggett was the ideological foil for Gillian Anderson’s Scully but Mulder, who had been more the recurring character, was never too far from his partner in spirit; therefore, remaining in the forefront. The raw nature of the pencils and the contrast in their faces is almost a metaphor for their missions and mindsets. Deep, dark, tired, determined and weathered. June 2002



MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on Bristol Board (14” X 17”)


SIGNIFICANCE: A giveaway I did for a random poster at Doghouse Boxing’s Dog Pound message board. I was craving a little attention at the time so I went for it…to very little fanfare. One of my favorite pieces to date. I think I really captured the essence and focus of the one-time Undisputed Middleweight Champion. 2006



MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on Bristol Board (14” X 17”)

SIGNIFICANCE: The late, great World Lightweight Champion, Diego Corrales, complete with his THE RING magazine World Championship belt. This was done for the Maxboxing fund-raising auction to raise money for Corrales' family. July 2007.


“John Lennon”

MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on Bristol Board (11” X 14”)


SIGNIFICANCE: A portrait of John Lennon for my sister/huge Beatles nerd, Courtney. It was a gift for her 18th birthday/graduation. As a guy who was stuck-on-stupid for anything Beatles as a kid, I find it amusing and ironic, all at once that I didn’t get to keep it. June 2009.


“More than Marilyn”

MATERIALS USED: Pencil on Bristol Board (11” X 14”)

SIGNIFICANCE: As a kid, one of my favorite female stars of all-time was Jayne Mansfield; who I preferred over Marilyn Monroe and always wanted to draw. I absolutely loved drawing her but made the mistake of using a denser lead. Other than that, it was very satisfying test of rendering the inimitable softness of a classic beauty. March, 2007.



MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on Bristol Board (14” X 17”)


SIGNIFICANCE: A commission work for Eugene “Mr. Sweet Science” Collins himself; in honor of his favorite fighter, World Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Carmen “The Onion Farmer” Basilio. 2007



MATERIALS USED: Acrylic paint on Gesso-treated Masonite (12” X 16”)

PAINTING SIGNIFICANCE: This rendition of former World Junior Welterweight Champion Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton in what meant to be a companion piece to the Manny Pacquiao acrylic. I was aiming for this to be done right before his May 2009 title defense against Pacquiao. When Hatton lost the championship, I took a little time off just to let the dust of that loss settle. By no means, however, was I going to skimp on detail and time just to get it out of the way. About two months after the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, I returned to finish it and made certain, I kept the style as close as possible to the Pacquiao piece.



“Eric Draven/The Crow”

MATERIALS USED: Ebony pencil on Bristol Board (10” X 13”)


SIGNIFICANCE: The depths of darkness are a natural residence for Eric Draven. From those depths, he emerged to avenge the death of his true love; as well as his own. I couldn’t think of a better setting for Eric to emerge from than such a cradle of uncertain comfort. June 2005


“Pancake at the Disco!”

MATERIALS USED: Photoshop, stock photos

SIGNIFICANCE: The band “Panic at the Disco!” was a favorite of my daughter, Phoenix. I intentionally got it wrong and called the group “Pancake at the Disco'!” just to rile her up. Some funky stock photos, a little Photoshop and some twisty text and you’ve got yourself one macho stack, right there...Can you smell the “Hai Karate”?


“Slaughter at the Carousel”

MATERIALS USED: Pencil, Micron pen, Prismacolor art marker and Prismacolor watercolor pencil on Bristol Board (11” X 11”).

SIGNIFICANCE: My pal, Paul Gonzalez, commissioned this demo album cover for his screamo band, “Slaughter At The Carousel.” It’s not particularly my brand of music but Paul and I cooked up something visceral and somewhat ambiguous if you consider the absence of nationality regarding the decimated soldiers. That’s what comforted me, in particular, because I didn’t want the piece to come off as a statement on war, anti or not. But the “Gears of War”-esque antagonist with the wild eyes and unruly hair is the obvious focal point. As you’re wondering why this maniac is doing what he’s doing, he suddenly looks up at you. It’s almost as a film is being stopped right after he discovers his next kilI and right before he decides what to do. I call it Edvard Munch-meets-Jack Kirby and Jose Ladronn. March, 2009


“Hopkins vs. Hagler”

MATERIALS USED: Photoshop, stock photos

SIGNIFICANCE: This was a fun little piece I did in Photoshop (with a touch of Illustrator) that was inspired by the big pay-per-view event posters. It's only the cover but I did an entire 'time-travel' program that culminated in several 'impossible fights. This remains the crowning piece of the project and the focal point of an inspiring-yet-hypothetical superfight that no true fan could resist putting their own predictive spin on. But if for only one night...

Coyote Duran Art Exhibition

Coyote Duran Art Exhibition

Coyote Duran Art Exhibition

Coyote Duran Art Exhibition