Johnny Tapia Interview

Interview by S. Arredondo

C.Artist: It's an honor to have the opportunity to conduct this interview with you Mr. Tapia. I've also had my share of La Vida Loca. I feel that my struggles come small compared to those of yours. What did you learn off the difficult struggles you went through?


Tapia: Not to try and do them again. I have slipped and have come back. First times a mistake and second a habit.

C.Artist: In all of your years in boxing , who was the toughest boxer you ever fought?

Tapia: There is not one there are a lot. Marcos Antonio Barrera. You cant just pick one. I beat them.

C.Artist: Who would you consider todays best boxer?

Tapia: Floyd Mayweather , Julio Cesar Chavez, All these guys are here. Roberto Duran, Salvadore Sanchez, Today: Mike Tyson, Cotto from Puerto Rico

C.Artist: Who was the boxer you admired most while growing up?

Tapia: Roberto Duran.

C.Artist: Of all the trainers you had, who were the best one's who molded you into the quality boxer you became?

Tapia: Switched trainers like switching my boxers, Buddie Mc Kerge, Freddie Roach, Jessie Reed.

C.Artist: Your wife Teresa has been by your side through some tough times aswell as great victories. How long have you been married to your wife?

Tapia: March 20th / 16 years together

C.Artist: How did you meet?

Tapia: Met at a barbaque party.

C.Artist: Do you think it was hard for her to be a boxer's wife?

Tapia: Doubt it a different ball game.Got married in 1994. Once we married she became my manager in 1997.

C.Artist: At 40 years old, do you plan to come back or have you really hung up your gloves for good?

Tapia: Another fight march 28th.Fighting All Ali originally from 26/19 wins 19 knok outs.

C.Artist: I read your book Mi Vida Loca and I must say I it was a great learning experience. What inspired you to write an autobiography?

Tapia: If there are 100 kids and I can reach one with out preaching it's worth it. If you have some one who can nurture you and help you. That is a better wary of going. Barnes and nobles carries the book.

C.Artist: Do you plan on writing anymore great books?

Tapia: Planning to make a movie. (Mi Vida Loca)

C.Artist: Johnny thanks for your time. What do you have to say to your fans and the readers at ConvictedArtist.Com?

Thank you for taking the time out. If there is anything I can do.






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Johnny Tapia Interview

Johnny Tapia is a fighter that has been, and will always be respected in every barrio, jail, and boxing gym. The struggle Tapia went through as a child growing up in Albuquerque New Mexico is heart wrenching. This is the kind of pain that either drives a kid into becoming a ruthless criminal or a very tough boxer. In Johnny's case, the hell he went through turned him into the quality individual and boxing legend he is today. Boxing is a difficult sport and it takes a strong person to endure the rigorous training that comes with it. Thats why I've always respected boxers, because it takes alot of heart to be able to handle everything from lung ripping rounds on the punching bag, to heart exploding jump rope sessions. Johnny Tapia has endured boxing his whole life and he will certainly be remembered as one of boxings greater fighters.

Tapias Professional Career

Tapias professional career began on March 28, 1988, when he knocked out Efren Chavez in round four. He won eight fights that year, five by knockout. He won seven more fights in 1989, beating Abner Barajas and John Micheal Johnson.

In 1990, he won some more, beating Jesus Chong, Roland Gomez and Luigi Camputaro. Tapia was, by the end of the year, a known fighter, his name often appearing on the news and boxing magazines. His career took a blow when cops claim they found him in possession of cocaine. He was suspended for 3 years and was finally able to box again in 1994.
Back in the ring, he knocked out Jaime Olvera and then faced Oscar Aguilar and won. Same for his eleven round victory knockout of Henry Martinez and second round knockout of Rolando Bohol.
Johnny Tapia became WBO World Junior Bantamweight champion by defeating Jose Rafeal Sosa on February 18th 1995.
He retained the title by knockingout Ricardo Vargas and a decision in twelve against former amateur nemesis Arthur Johnson. After two more wins, he gave Willy Salazar a title shot, knocking him out in nine rounds.
He fought seven more times, guarding his spotless record. Some heated rivalty was brewing up between him and hometown rival, IBF world champ Danny Romero. In 1997 Tapia had to fend off a challenge from Marco Antonio Barrera's brother Jorge Barrera. After Tapias victory , a Las Vegas fight with Danny Romero was set. Tapia prooved to be the stronger warrior and won by unanimous decision. Tapia now had a IBF world title to match his own WBO belt.
In his next fight, he defended the belt in Florida against Puerto Rico's Andy Agosto.In 1998 Tapia defended his belt against former world champion Colombian Rodolfo Blanco, then vacated his World Junior Bantamweight crown, going up in weight to win the WBA World Bantamweight title. He beat Nana Konadu and became a two division world champ. Tapia experienced his first loss in 1999 against Fort Worth Texas rough neck Paulie Ayala. Handling that defeat was tough, but Tapia came back fast won the WBO world title belt by beating Jorge Eliecer Julio. After defending his belt with a twelve round decision over Javier Torres, a rematch to unify the belt between Ayala and him was set up. In what became another candidate for fight of the year, Ayala edged out another close, split decision win; Tapia then went back home to prepare for his upcoming bouts in 2001, when he went up in weight and beat Famosito Gomez by a knockout in six, and former World Featherweight champion Cesar Soto by a knockout in three.
Tapia traveled across the world to London and gave the English a show by knocking out Eduardo Enrique Alvarez in the first round.Tapia was blessed with more victory and went on to beat Manuel Medina and joined that exclusive group of fighters who have won world titles in 3 different divisions. He left the title vacant so he could face Marco Antonio Barrera. Barrera defeated Tapia in twelve rounds. But as usual, Tapia came back fast and in October 2003, beat Carlos Contreras. Tapia is now a born again Christian and holds the impressive record of 53 wins, 3 losses, and 2 draws, with 28 wins by knockout. Tapia has accomplished alot in his boxing career aswell as write an autobiography called "Mi Vida Loca" (My Crazy Life).