Happy 75th Birthday Tom

(El Paso's Shining Star)



Thomas W. McKay has been a part of the southwest's boxing scene since 1966 when he helped form the Southwest International Amateur Boxing Association (SWIABA).





El Paso's Shining Star

By. D. Arredondo

You're a true piece of El Paso just like it's shining star,
You walk the walk, we all know who you are.


A teacher, a trainer you've paved our way,
You've picked your battles wisely and never walked away.


From yesterday's Cliff “Magic” Thomas  and Randall “Tex” Cobb,
To today's David Rodriguez, schooled to do the job.


Showing young kids the value of perseverance and discipline,
Watching as their self confidence grows with a knowing grin.


You've been there and done that, both defense and offense,
Integrity and strength,  with true boxing excellence.


You're a writer and a thinker who packs a hard jab,
Hooks and body shots that chop and stab.


You practice the ax the good old fashioned way,
Bobbing and weaving with your head full of gray.


We all know who you are, your El Paso's shining star,
You've surpassed the horizon and the sky by far.



Quotes About Tom


“Tom was always a hoot! He never really had anything bad to say about anyone, instead he found a way to laugh at them. And the Man was full of energy and life!”

- Ross Purrity


 "Tom McKay gave me the belief in myself and the spark to embark on this beautiful thrilling and exhilarating rollercoaster called boxing. He was the one who gave me the tools since a little boy both physically and mentally. I love Tom with all my heart and he is truly the spark that lit this fire that is now burning out of control. He created a monster!"

- David Rodriguez



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