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Radio La Chusma, the Afro-Mexica/ Reggae-Cumbia band of 6 rocked the milieu of Take II bar in El Paso, Texas this Friday 21, 2009.

We are pleased to present our latest photos of the great Radio La Chusma in action as well as this exclusive band interview.



By. C.A

CA: Please introduce yourselves, who sings and who plays what intruments in Radio La Chusma?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: My name is Ernesto Tinajero,Radio La Chusma originator, singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar, and percussion. Hi, I’m Charlie Villanueva, I play bass and I book for the band. Scott “m*@af@#in’ on drums” Marestein on drums. Selina Nevarez, vocals and percussion. David Angerstein violin and vocals. And last but not least: Scoop Valdez on lead guitar.

CA: How did you all get such a unique name for your band?


RADIO LA CHUSMA: It was gonna be Chuco Radio, but we wanted to touch a larger audience.
Radio La Chusma( riff-raff radio) is the sound of the underground culture, an alternative to mainstream thinking. "Chusma" a once negative term reffering to the poor by the aristocrates, made a comic punchline by 'Chavo Del Ocho", has been adopted to unite the youth who seek the truth and search for a true connection in these disconnected times.

C.A: Which bands and musicians do you most admire?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: Bob Marley Santana, Los Lobos, The Beatles, James Brown, Toots and the Maytals, Manu Chau, Ozomatli, and all Mexican music; mariachi, cumbia, corridos, boleros...


C.A : What kind of effect did your favorite bands have on Radio La Chusma?


RADIO LA CHUSMA: Everything that enters our ears effect Radio La Chusma. A lot of our heros influence us in many ways beside musically. More in an inspirational sense, these artists show us it can be done. They show us that a group from the U.S./ Mexican border does have a chance to share their view on life, to touch people all around the world. Santana and Los Lobos mixed rock and latin music which opened a door for bands like Ozomatli, B-Side Players, Yerba Buena and R.L.C.; Bob Marley (the Master) strongly influences my words and my sound, I admire him for bringing his culture and spirituallity to the stage and exposing his heart to the world; James Brown and Toots, went balls out on stage with their gospelesqe vocals that take any crowd strait to church. Manu Chau lets me know that we can be doing that all around the world.

C.A:You guys have an interesting album cover. What exactly does the Mayan pyramid tower image on your 91.5 MexM album cover represent?


RADIO LA CHUSMA: Well, it represents the transmission and communication of our ancient culture. Cuactemoc told us its o.k. to practice our sacred ways again. Tune into the frequency of nature. The youth, especially the Chicanos, need to explore themselves, question the history that was tought to us, and figure out how to utilize the knowlege of our ancestors with todays situations. This album is only a window, it’s up to the listener to connect with the past, present and future and feel proud to be of this Earth. The ancients had technologies and concepts that boggle scientists today, most of which was destroyed by the conquest. We need to rise up and learn, open up and listen to the ancient whispers, don’t be stuck on just one frequency.


C.A. : Tell me about your 'Travel Wide' song, it's awsome.

RADIO LA CHUSMA: Taken from a verse in Bob Marley's 'Soul Rebel', Travel Wide speaks of the innate urge for one to leave the nest, leave the hometown and go on a journey, follow the wind, and be their own person. Our spirit longs to be free, not stuck in a 9-5. Everyone gets the call, only a few will answer it.

C.A:Whats your secret in keeping your band together?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: We all believe in the music, and we know this is where we want to be. We laugh a lot, and try not to let things build up.

C.A: Do you think you've accomplished what you set out to accomplish as a band, or do you feel like you're still working towards that?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: Always working. We give any headiner a run for their money. No rest until we're selling out stadiums. Let's put El Chuco on the map...

C.A: Who is the most exciting band or musician you've had a chance to meet because of being in the band?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: Scott our drummer, he's a riot!


C.A: I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys preform live. When and where is your next gig set?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: April 18, and 19th at Inn of The Mountain Gods in Mescalero, NM., 420 fest at Bombardiers in El Paso.,
May 4th:Cinco de Mayo fest. Downtown Pheonix,
for all scheduled appearences go to: or our website:
Where can anyone interested in buying a Radio La Chusma CD score a copy?
Go to for CDs, T-shirts, schedule updates, and more cool stuff, itunes, rhapsody, and El Paso locations ( Cool Arrows, All That Music, the Headstand)


C.A: I really appreciate you all taking the time for this interview and look forward in seeing you all out there. Is there anything else you all would like to say to your fans?

RADIO LA CHUSMA: Shake your ass and dance! Don't be scared... Be proud of who you are, love your culture... search your roots...kiss your mom...if you are ever lost, talk to your elders, if they are dead or alive, they will listen and answer.




La Chusma

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Radio La Chusma, driving the crowd wild and building awareness, with their poetic lyrics and unique Chuco-style sound.


Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma