Unconventional Poetry & Art

By. David Arredondo


From whose disastrous life does this splendor come,
Miserable anguish, her coldness grows numb.

Which in spite of that drags dignity from deep within?
The act of prostitution, a mortal sin.


Uncertainty salutes her but she maintains ignorance,
Exposed before her own self conscience, and it's moral arrogance.

With commodities on display, heart ache day after day,
He purchases her nobility and causes her blood to turn gray.

She takes note, but again fights to ignore
So worn is her conviction, like a spineless whore.

She shakes amidst the hiss of his one sided kiss,
 She knows she's being used , forever  amiss.

She reaches under the seat and grips cold steal,
First degree murder of the real deal.


Convicted Art