Paul Bryan Jr.

Prolific celebrity portraits painter

By. S. Arredondo


Paul Bryan Jr


Paul Bryan Jr. is one of the most prolific painters around. The Newport Beach, California Artist specializes in portraits of famous celebrities, admirable philosophers and significant U.S. Presidents. Bryan who considers himself a self taught artist says that his hyper-realistic style of art came as result of his love for Oriental Art paired with Western pop-culture. His wide painting collection of admirable super stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Axle Rose and many others have been displayed at American and European museums worldwide. Dozens of well known actors, musicians and politicians own his fantastic paintings including David Lee Roth who selected one of Paul Bryan’s master pieces for one of his album covers. “Having my art on the cover of the “David Lee Roth’s Greatest Hits” is an honor” said Paul Bryan Jr.

Through his travels around the world, Bryan was able to enhance his career as an artist
by taking odd jobs. From being a lunch cook in 1979 to a gas attendant and salesman, Paul G. Bryan has had a broad range of work experiences. “I wanted to devote my life to art” said Bryan.
Bryan started his art and graphics career at an early age even after learning that he had dyslexia and was color blind. Neither did that unfortunate obstacle, nor the disapproval of his parents stop him from devoting his entire life to art. Bryan was a teenager during the hippie 1960’s era and after graduating from USC (University of Southern California) Bryan began to travel around the globe. His most cherished memories are of his toughest years when he traveled Europe in a Volkswagen bus.



Painting Description:

Bryan often paints in black, sometimes blue or brown, resulting in most canvasses being two-toned with the principle color and white. In some cases Bryan adds several colors.
Bryan finishes each canvas, with his own unique stamp that identifies his work. He stamps his signature on each painting in a super eclipse red circle.  This circular shape is essential to each of his paintings.



Paul Bryan

Chronologies of events


Spring 1969..... Granada, Spain -Joined cave-dwelling gypsies


Fall 1969....... Artic Circle -Saw midnight son in the Artic Circle at 2:00 A.M.


Fall 1969....... Delphi, Greece -Sought the oracle of Delphi


Fall 1969....... Caribbean Sea -Sailed through the Bermuda Triangle


Spring 1971.....Determined to become the greatest artist that ever lived!


Fall 1971.......First one-man show Maui, Hawaii

Spring 1972.....Bull Fights Canary Islands, Africa

Spring 1973... Laguna Beach, California -Artwork exhibited at the Museum of Art

Summer 1978... Malibu, California -Bob Dylan acquires painting at the Onion Dome

Summer 1982........Vancouver, British Colombia artwork exhibited at Vancouver Museum

Summer 1982...... Calgary, Alberta, Canada Museum

Summer 1982......Peter Fonda acquires a painting of American Chopper from Easy Rider

Summer 1983....Autobiography Written

Summer 1984.....Skateboarded down Nob Hill, San Francisco, California


Summer 1987.....Madonna acquires two huge portrait paintings in Burbank, CA


Summer 1991... Paul Bryan Mr.’s son Bill Beaker Bryan wins the 1st of 14 Skim boarding World Championships

Spring 1998...Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace acquires painting


Spring 2000.....White House acquires painting of President Bill Clinton

Fall 2003...Painting of President George W. Bush & his father Painting acquired by the White House.


Spring 2004.....Painting of Arnold Schwarzenegger acquired by Office of the Governor.


Spring 2005.....Painting added to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Collection
Summer 2005…. Painting of Pope Benedict XVI is acquired by The Vatican

Winter 2007..... Gerald Ford Presidential
Library acquires painting

Spring 2007..... John Paul 11 Center in Washington D.C acquires painting

Fall 2007.....Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library acquires painting

Fall 2007....John Wayne Birthplace acquires painting

Fall 2008... B.B. Museum in Mississippi acquires painting

Spring 2009.... Jack Daniels Museum Nashville, TN acquires painting


Sumer 2009.... The Hermitage Home of President Andrew Jackson




“The painting of President Nixon with Elvis is a wonderful addition to the museum’s collection”
-Deborah L. Wallis




Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

“I hope you’ll stop by when you are next in Washington, DC to not only sees the portrait on display, but also to witness the many activities that are the heart of the Wilson Center”
-Lee H. Hamilton
President and Director


“Your work will be seen by our visitors and will inform them of the many hobbies of the President”
-Dennis H.J. Medina
Museum Curator





Pope John Paul 11
Cultural Center
“Yours in Christ”
-Bro. Joseph J. Britt, CFX


Secretariat of State
The Vatican
“His Holiness will remember you in his prayers”
Monsignor Gabriele Caccia




100 Years of John Wayne

“We are dedicated to perpetuating the memory of Iowa’s favorite son; your picture is greatly appreciated and will be a great asset to our new museum”
-Carolyn Wilson, Mgr
The Birthplace of John Wayne



The White House Washington

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. You have my best wishes”
-Bill Clinton
U.S. President


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
“It will make a fine addition to our artifact collection”
-James W. Draper
Museum Registrar


The White House Washington
“Thank you for your generosity”
-George W. Bush


The State of California
Office of the Governor
“It is a tremendous honor” “Please accept my best wishes for every future success and happiness”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
California State Governor



Social Distortion

“A captivating artist with creative techniques, emotional style and the perseverance of a true leader and visionary”
-Casey Royer (D.I. / Social Distortion / Adolescent)





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Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr

Paul Bryan Jr