Dirty Dealings

(When Good Clubs Go Bad)

By: C.A.

Motorcycle Clubs.

They're almost always founded by men with an American passion for bikes. They build up their dream choppers and blaze down the Interstate among their childhood friends.

They enjoy riding through the wind or chatting about the fascinating invention of the iron horse. 

Good times with good intentions. They collaborate and make friends with other men who share their same passion for motorcycles. They grow to care for each other like brothers and become a tight nit posse. They are recognized and attract the devious glances of other clans so someone in the group declares it’s time to give their tribe a name.

And for whatever reason, they all agree on the name “Mongols”.   There’s a talented artist among the squad so he sketches out a logo, so let it be written, so let it be done.

The town observes that these riders all wear the same patches just as birds of a feather flock together.

They begin to multiply and the roar of their powerful motorcycles becomes a fear of society. They are mighty in numbers, mess with one, and mess with all.

Everyone knows their name. That’s the story behind the Mongols Motorcycle Club headquartered in southern California.

A huge biker club that originated in Montebello, California in 1969 for the sole intention of bringing the biker community together as one. But as their numbers grew, so did the politics and a strict construction was written.

Rules were set and honor to the “brotherhood” came before love of ones own family. That love transformed into organized crime, then to murder.

That’s when law enforcement officials decided to send in ATF agent William Queen.

Queen’s job was to become a trusted friend of the Mongols, then eventually a member.

He spent nearly 3 years gathering intelligence on the club before cops initiated a bust. 54 Mongols were arrested, but that wasn’t enough to dismantle the Mongol Nation which had already spread into dozens of chapters across America.

The Mongols set up shop in California but spread into Oklahoma Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Virginia, Indiana, New York, Maryland, Oregon, Florida, Mexico, Canada, and as far as Italy.

With their power came dangerous rivals. Enemies such as the Hells Angels. The two motorcycle clubs detested each other and all hell broke loose on February 23, 2007 when they had a murderous clash in a casino in Las Vegas.

Dozens of Mongols members were arrested on warrants ranging from drug dealing to homicide.

Law enforcement officials have now labeled the Club as an organized criminal enterprise and are arresting club members on sight.

That’s the out come of a good club gone bad.

Corrupt Biker Clubs

Corrupt Biker Clubs

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