Curvy Lass on Chevy Emblem

( Pencil Sketch on Paper )


Included into art gallery is this new unique sketch of a curvy lass sitting pretty on a chromed-out Chevy logo.  

The illustration was created by the hands of El Primo, a talented artist and photographer from Odessa, Texas.

 Primo definitely has an eye for proportions and blessed this voluptuous female creation of his with curves that run miles.


Artist: El Primo

Materials Used: Pencil on Sketch Paper



Chevy's Early Years
Chevy was established in 1911 by race car driver Louis Chevorlet, and General Motors founder William C. Durant.


The Small Block V-8
The  official V-8 motor design  was presented  in 1955 and has been in uninterrupted production ever since, but modern versions have little similarity of the initial Chevy V-8 engine.


An American Representation
Chevy began using their famous bow-tie emblem in 1913.