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L.A. Breed

L.A. Breed talks to ConvictedArtist.com about their recent production and future plans.




C.A. Tell us a little about L.A. Breed and what inspired you all to form your group?

L.A. Breed: Well, we originally started out with 5 members. But, ended up with 2 members, and production by Big Mic. We wanted to form something that had a different sound. We are all Hispanic, but didn't want to sound like the average hispanic group. We wanted to appeal to everyone. That vision is what inspired us.

C.A. : We checked out your video “Who We Are” and really dug it. Tell us about that tune?

L.A. Breed: The hook says it all. Who are we? Some west coast lyricist's tearing up beats by the 16's, staying high without wings. It is just a dispaly of who we are! A lot of people sleep on us, but we got heat. Just listen to the lyrics that I say, anyone from the hood can feel me.

C.A. : What do you guys have planned for the future of your music?

L.A. Breed: Right now we are just trying to reinvent ourselves. We have a lot of new good production. It is just a matter of time before we drop it. Once our stuff gets in the right hands, it is a wrap. No one will be able to deny us. Mark my words!!!

C.A. : Tell us a little about the L.A. Breed lifestyle?

L.A. Breed: To be honest, we are just average dudes from L.A that have real raw talent. My lifestyle is not glamerous. I am just a father, and a hard worker. We bleed just like everyone else. Once, we hit the studio, we just put in work. We are just waiting for it to pay off.

C.A : We grew up listening to Cypress Hill and really dig old school Latin hip hop . Name some musicians that have influenced your group?

L.A. Breed: Being from L.A and being Hispanic, of course the Hispanic influence was Cypress Hill. Besides them there are not too many Hispanics putting it down for L.A, or California for that reason. My influences are Biggie, 2Pac, E40, Spice 1, Mac Dre, Nate Dogg, Old school Cash Money, Xzibit, The Doors, Ralphie Pagan, Rick James, Roger and Zapp, I could go on all day.

C.A. : We look forward in checking out more of your talented musical creations and thank you for this interview. Please give a shout out to your people.

L.A. Breed: I'd like to give a shot out to my baby Kayla, The whole Reyes Family, and to all my homies from B.G and Downey, and to Big Heist.


L.A. Breed

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