Harrison Hanson

(Comics, Manga and Anime Artist)

By. D.R.A.

Comics, Manga and Anime Artist

Perhaps it was by chance, or the constant pursuit of a dream, but luck was by our side when we recently met with Comics, Manga and Anime artist Harrison Hanson from El Paso, TX.
There are a lot of things we admire about Harrison. We, as well as many other people, appreciate the fact that he never seems to stop drawing. Absolutely nothing seems to get in the way of Harrison and his fixation with art. Not even certain instructors at the college he is currently attending who have asked him to please put away his sketch pad and colored pencils during class.

The conviction is evident when he draws, and we proudly showcase his artistic excellence, as well as an artist interview.


Artist Interview


C.A.: Hello Harrison. You’ve definitely have great artistic talent. Please tell us a little about yourself.

H.H.: Well, I was born in El Paso, Texas and aside from drawing and everything related, I’m a gamer, I’ve been drawing art for 7 years now just about. I also love Manga Anime Comic, as well as a multitude of things. However the one movie I love the most is Jet Lee’s Fearless. I watch 3 channels on TV and that’s the Science Channel, Cartoon Network (mostly for the Anime on Adult Swim) and the Sci-Fi channel.


C.A.: How about music, any favorites?

H.H. I love music like the Final Fantasy: Advent Children mostly because of Stephiroth’s theme “The One-Winged Angel”, and other things like offspring & Blink 182.


C.C.: Now let’s talk art. You refer the style of your art as Comic Anime Manga. Would classic cartoons such as Thunder Cats and Transformers fall into this category?

H.H.: Well actually Comic Anime Manga are the three things I draw. The style I do use however is more or less a mix between Comic and Manga. Also, yes actually they could be since the original Thunder cats started off as a comic. Then since the comic became popular in animation and hence is called Anime. However there is a huge difference between traditional comic art and the Anime/Manga art style. The main difference is the fact Manga originated from Japan and comic art originated in the United States. The other is Manga is more cartoon-like with big hair and eyes. Comic art is more evenly proportioned throughout the body.


C.A.: Pretty Interesting. At what age did you discover you had talent for Manga Anime Comic? 

H.H.: Hmmm, that’s a tricky question. I would have to say about 12 years old, near the end of my middle school in my hometown of Chaparral, New Mexico.


C.A.: You mentioned your plans in creating your own line of comics. Please tell us a little bit about your plans.

H.H.: Well it’s still a thought in progress. Me and one of my friends from high school are currently sitting down playing with magic! The gathering. That’s where brainstorming started. Anyway me, her and a few of our other friends are going to portray as the characters in it. So there isn’t going to be a main protagonist, more like a whole slew of them.


C.A.: Who are some comic artists out there that you really admire?  

H.H.: Umm…Blotch/Screwbald, Ivybeth, Narse, Taoren, Adam Wan, Fluke and many many more. The ones I’ve named are my online friends. There are some from Marvel that for sure. Also Brett Booth.


C.A.: You recently started using a digital graphics art tablet after years of drawing with good old fashioned colored pencil and paper.  Which do you prefer?

H.H.:  I’ll have to admit, digital graphics. That doesn’t mean I still don’t use good old fashioned pencil and paper, it just takes longer.


C.A.: We’ve been told by people who know you that you are constantly sketching for hours. Tell us about this “addiction” with art you have and how you benefit from it.

H.H.: What is this, Intervention? Anyway art is what I call a personal addiction mostly because when I start drawing I can’t stop.


C.A.: Don’t feel singled out Harrison. Every true artist is addicted to art. “Addiction” and “Conviction” go hand in hand!  Well, it sure has been great learning from you. Is there any advice you’d like to tell any one of our viewers who are fans of Comic, Anime & Manga?

H.H.: I’m not that good at giving advice but what the heck. When you’re drawing something you like, don’t stop, just keep going!


Bewildered - By: Bob Stewart

Bewildered - By: Bob Stewart

Comics, Manga and Anime Artist