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Tony Salazar Jr. & Freddie Roach (Top Boxing Trainers)


Tony Salazar Jr.'s success as a stand up and boxing trainer comes from his ability to use an individualized approach to motivate and educate his fighters. As a professional boxing trainer Salazar created an effective training program designed to help assess and track a fighter’s performance. These advanced boxing techniques give fighters a distinct advantage over their competition while helping the fighter succeed at what they do best. Salazar offers both one on one and group lessons. Training kids & adults of all ages, while helping them lose weight and tone muscle. Salazar offers a boot camp program and lessons at his studio and or will travel to your home or gym at a very reasonable rate.


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About Tony Salazar Jr.

Tony Salazar Jr. began fighting pro while working with Welterweight Champion Irish Leroy Haley of Las Vegas Nevada. Tony played a large role while working with 3X World super Featherweight Champion Cornelius Boza Edwards (won 45 (KO 34) + lost 7+ drawn 1) as he prepared to fight with Two-Time World Champion Bobby Chacon (won 59 (KO 47) + lost 7 + drawn 1). Salazar later worked with and help train Bantamweight boxer Albert Davila (56 (KO 26) + lost 10) as he prepared for the bantamweight championship to fight Lupe Pintor (won 56 (KO 42) + lost 14 +drawn 2). Tony Salazar’s brother former pro boxer Joe Salazar later became Freddie Roach and Cornillius Boza Edward’s regular sparring partners.


Tony Salazar Jr. currently trains fighters out of Arlanza Boxing, Villegas Park Boxing Club, and Empire Training Center in Corona, CA.

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Tony Salazar's Advanced Boxing Techniques

Tony Salazar teaches kids and adults of all ages the art of boxing

Tony Salazar boxing trainer


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