The Nino Victory

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Article Launched: 03/09/2008 1:07:20 PM MDT

It was midnight when Nino stepped into the ring and once he did he made sure to finish the job fast.

The undefeated heavyweight champion knocked out Josh Gutcher in 62 seconds.

"It was terrible,"said Rodriguez of the long boxing night. . "I had to get there at 3:30 in the afternoon and they had something like 16 fights and they put me on last. Dead last. I was in the locker room all that time, no food ... just waiting. It was awful."

But the fight was bad ass and Cancuns Plaza de Toros where the fight took place was full of excited fans.

"I stopped him with a liver shot," Rodriguez said. "He was out for 10 minutes. Everybody told me mine was the best knockout of the night. I'm happy. I took care of business. I've never had that perfect liver shot before."

Rodriguez, improved to 28-0 with 26 knockouts, another point to his already victorious boxing career.

"That was my 22nd first round knockout," he said. "I was happy to get it. I haven't had a first-round knockout in three or four fights. I felt good and I'm just happy I stayed focused and took care of business."

The 244 pound Gutcher was a last minute replacement of 244 pound David Rodriguez's original opponent Edilberto Rodriguez.

"That was just all part of it," Rodriguez said of the replacement. "The whole thing was a mess. But I got the job done and now I will move on. I'm in the top 20 now in the WBC and ready to move forward with my career."




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