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El Paso and Las Cruces fighters shine

By. C.Artist reporter and boxing commentator.

Article launched 12-22-07 12:00 P.M. MST


Las Cruces-As we pulled into the gravel layered parking lot of the Dickerson’s Event Center in Las Cruces we could sense the tension and great expectation from the several hundred people attending this spectacular, yet small- town style boxing event. The tension might as well have come from a group of convicts just before a prison yard riot, that’s how strong the static was. Friends and family of the local El Paso,Ciudad Juarez and Las Cruces boxers hoped and prayed for the victory of their fighters, and like wise for the friends and family of their opponents who traveled into Las Cruces from places as far away as Los Angeles California, northern towns of Mexico.

We took a reserved seat at a front row table only a few feet away from the ring and quenched our thirst with some cups of cold Tecate. Not only did we have the perfect beer but also the perfect spot to photograph every detail of this cool boxing event. Seated on the table to our left was the friends and family of talented Las Cruces boxer Austin Trout, and seated to our right was the family of explosive fighter Sammy DiPace.

The action started off with the bloody fights of a couple unknown boxers who gave the audience quite a show with their obvious hunger to win, then proceeded with more popular fighters who drew the cheers from everyone in the audience. I was very impressed with bantamweight Sammy DiPace who put in a lot of heart and completely dominated his opponent, Mexican tough Benito Juarez and left him looking like a battered piñata.

Things really got exciting when heavy weight knock- out artists David Nino Rodriguez (26-0) put his smash on with Marcus McGee (19-13). Both of these powerful giants struggled to out maneuver each other, with El Paso’s Aztlan warrior David Rodriguez using his dominating left jab to dig into the Alabama rough-neck Marcus McGee’s unpenitrateable defense. Rodriguez won by a hair but I must admit that fighting with the seasoned McGee was quite a learning experience for the younger Rodriguez. Hats off to these two excellent fighters. Then the action packed event centered off when Las Cruces fighter Austin Trout (13-0) and Mexican middle weight Erik Esquivel (15-6-1) went for each others throats and sparked off an uproar from the audience. It was clear from the start that Austin Trout wasn’t about to have his way with cock-strong Esquivel, so Trout had no choice but to use his good defense skills to hold off Esquivel and his flurry of wild punches.

In the end Trout proved to display better boxing skills causing all three judges to score the fight 60-54. The action didn’t end there, it only got more intense when junior middle weight Abie Han stopped Sergio Lara at 2:43 of the first round. Han, who hails from El Paso, knocked Lara down and was clearly the stronger and more talented of the two.

These rouged fights were smoothed out with the lovely presence of some sexy bikini wearing ring girls who strutted their stuff at the end of each round. So all in all I must say that Las Cruces did offer us all great boxing event and we of ConvictedArtist .com thank the Land of Enchantment for hosting such an awesome event.

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