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The two time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy "The Duke" Morrison has made his mark on this earth. The 6 foot 2 inch boxer comes from an extremely challenging boxing era when fighters such as George Foreman and Ross Puritty trail-horsed their opponents in the ring. 

  From the young age of 13 to 19, Morrison competed in several Tough Man contests, winning 49 fights out of the 50 with 49 knockouts that he played a part in. He also won the Jr. Olympics in 1980 and continued his path of victory until 1988 with a total of 242 amateur fights. 

Morrison gained exposure with an astonishing record of 340-24-1-312 KO's. His recognition didn't end there. In 1989 Sylvester Stallone attended one of Morrison's fights and realized the tough man would be perfect for his next movie, Rocky V!
Stallone cast Morrison as "Tommy Gun" in the action packed movie that was released in November 1990.  In 1991, Morrison, who was already the legatee of much Hollywood exposure, won four fights against opponents world champion Pinklon Thomas and James Quick Tillis.

One of Morrison's greatest boxing highlights came when he found himself battling against boxing legend George Foreman on June 7, 1993. Morrison was able to defeat Foreman by winning a unanimous 12-round decision and the WBO title.
Another of Morrison's victories came by the skin of his teeth.  He fought Razor Ruddock June 6, 1995 at the Municipal Auditorium, in Kansas City, Missouri for the IBC Heavyweight Championship and prevailed. Ruddock overpowered Tommy Morrison in the first to sixth round, but Morrison made a comeback with a flurry of punches that earned him victory by TKO.

Morrison's final boxing match came when he was severely defeated by Lennox Lewis in the 6th round. His career in boxing was final but that didn't stop him from exercising his love for fighting. He recently got into the MMA scene and dominated his opponent, 340 pound John Stover by breaking his nose and scoring a TKO victory.

What Morrison has accomplished in life is living proof that a person can master a variety of arts (Boxing, MMA, & Acting) and succeed.


World heavyweight boxing champion Tommy "The Duke" Morrison

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World heavyweight boxing champion Tommy "The Duke" Morrison