Robert Quintana

(El Paso Freelance Artist)

By. C.A.


We proudly present the sinister pencil drawings of free-lance artist Robert Quintana of El Paso, Texas.

Quintana discovered his incomparable artistic talent as a young kid growing up in central El Paso’s mural laden Lincoln Park neighborhood. Most of his distinctive designs are used as T-Shirt prints and custom tattoo patterns.

Quintana's artwork featured on this page include “Fallen Angel”, "Boxer David Rodriguez", “Gothic Crusader”, “King Edward the X” and "“ConvictedArtist”.


 Fallen Angel signifies the life of a young beautiful woman who fell into a life of prostitution, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Quintana, who described to us how he once witnessed an attractive young girl in his neighborhood devastate herself with heroin and prostitution,  was inspired to create “Fallen Angel” after she was found dead of a drug overdose in 1988 at Lincoln Park just across the street from his home.




Fallen Angel

Poetry By: D.R.A


I fell in love with an Angel; I was twelve, she seventeen,
Gorgeous eyes, innocent smile and the prettiest girl I’d ever seen.


I’d guard her from a distance and could feel my heart melt,
But I never found the courage to tell her how I felt.


I later heard a rumor that this Angel thought I was the one,
She mentioned that I was cute, but way too young.


 As she grew into her twenties with heavy makeup and mini skirts.
She started to date losers who treated her like dirt.


She lost her sweet virtue and became a midnight rebel,

Prostitution, bitter heroin, the inscription of the devil.


I saw her one year later sitting on a bench in Lincoln Park,
Hollow eyes, skin & bones, with her arms bruised with needle marks.


Word spread among the neighborhood that she had acquired HIV,
Renounced by her own mother for thieving from friends and family.


I woke up one sunrise to the sound of police and ambulance,
She was dead of an overdose, a loss that never made any sense.




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free-lance artist Robert Quintana