High Till I Die

By. D.R.A.

They told me that I'd die if I smoked a little weed,

But I learned it was nontoxic and made illegal over greed.

They raided my pad and found my little stash,

I went to jail and was convicted after paying a lawyer a ton of cash.

The D.A. proved that I was a pot head by showing the jury my favorite bong,

He proceeded to introduce to the jury my beloved video of Cheech & Chong.

I tried to explain to the jury that I only wanted to get high,

But they found me guilty and sentenced me to prison after believing the D.A’s lie.

So after trial was escorted back to my small filthy cell,

Surrounded by violent criminals in a world of living hell.

I begged the jail guards and even offered to pay,

Instead they charged me with bribery and through me in the hole for a day.

There I met an inmate and told him I was locked up for smoking grass,

He explained that he was in for rape and just kept staring at my ass.

I saw him grab a jar of grease so I decked him in the jaw,

With my back against the wall I proceeded to cry out for the law.

When the guards came to my rescue, I explained it wasn't my fault,

But they refused to take my word and charged me with assault.

Oh how wish marijuana was legal and not made such a major crime,

It would keep harmless pot heads like me from doing senseless time.

El Paso Texas artists Eduardo & Lorena Aguilar