Killings of innocent women in Juarez

Blood en la Frontera
By. Gracy Moreno-Minjarez

The blood of my sister ran thick in the dry soil of Juarez,
and they day she was murdered, I died with her.
It was me who police called to identify her decomposed remains.
It is me whom my sister most trusted, and it is me who slowly dies from anger and pain.
I know somebody knows the coward who did this and I know that person can save many more women from getting raped and killed.
I don't trust men anymore. I don't trust the police nor do I trust Juarez.
I fantasize each night about slowly torturing the animal that did this to my sister.
I also wish I could be the one he kills so I am able to scratch his eyes out as I die.
My blood boils knowing that a killer still walks free.
My heart aches over the horror my little sister experienced.
I still can't believe she's gone forever.

Juarez Murders