Sensual Beauty


A beautiful woman is the most incredible creation in the world; she embodies the whole of the seven sins from envy, pride and lust to perversion and greed.

Few things in life are capable of stiring human emotion
with such remarkable diversity, as is the female form.

What can generate more interest, fascination, joy, shock, contempt or love than a gorgeous woman?




: sen·su·al
Pronunciation: \ˈsen(t)-sh(ə-)wəl, -shəl\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin sensualis, from Latin sensus sense
Date: 15th century
1: relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite : fleshly
2: sensory 1
3 a: devoted to or preoccupied with the senses or appetites b: voluptuous c: deficient in moral, spiritual, or intellectual interests : worldly; especially : irreligious
synonyms see carnal, sensuous.


1. marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "
2. exciting sexual desire [syn: aphrodisiac] [ant: anaphrodisiac]

sexy adjective

having sex appeal
Arabic: جِنْسي، مُثير للشَّهْوَة الجِنْسِيَّه
Chinese (Simplified): 性感的,色情的
Chinese (Traditional): 性感的,色情的
Czech: sexy, svůdný
Danish: sexet
Dutch: sexy
Estonian: seksikas
Finnish: seksikäs
French: séduisant
German: sexy
Greek: σεξουαλικός, αισθησιακός
Hungarian: szexis
Icelandic: sexí, kynþokkafullur
Indonesian: menggiurkan
Italian: sexy
Japanese: 性的魅力のある
Korean: 성적 매력이 있는
Latvian: seksuāls; erotisks
Lithuanian: seksualus
Norwegian: sexy, erotisk tiltrekkende
Polish: seksowny
Portuguese (Brazil): sexy
Portuguese (Portugal): sexy
Romanian: sexy, sedu­cător, cu sex appeal
Russian: сексапильный, сексуальный
Slovak: zvodný
Slovenian: spolno privlačen
Spanish: seductor
Swedish: sexig
Turkish: cinsî cazibesi olan, seksî

By David Arredondo

By David Arredondo

By David Arredondo

By David Arredondo


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