Red Handed

Art by David Arredondo

Poem by C.A


Red Handed


My wife never understood my slimy porn desire,

The blazing from within that burned like fire.



I received a notice from her attorney about settling a claim,

With the condition that I give her the house and every possession in my name.



She took our beloved children and told them that their daddy was a freak,

As a result they refuse to look at me or even speak.



My ex-wife called my boss and informed him about our pending divorce,
She asked him to fire me and show no remorse.


My boss informed that he thought I was a loser with low class,

So I socked him in the mouth and told him to kiss my ass!



So here you find me hurting like a dog without a bone,
Hoping that my wife forgives me and calls me on the phone.



I’ve learned from my misfortune and am paying my dues to the hardest,

I’ve given up porn and switched to ConvictedArtist.



So please take this word of advice and learn from my mistake,
Make sure you never let your wife find your porn stash for goodness sake!





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