"Heart of Borneo"

By. David R. Arredondo

Clouded Leopard


MATERIAL USED: watercolor on a 15 x 20 inch cold press surfaced illustration board.

PAINTING SIGNIFICANCE: Clouded leopards are reclusive denizens of the jungles of South East Asia and nearly islands of Sumatra and Borneo.  They are rarely seen in the wild but leave their imprint when they attack their prey like lightning before thunder.



The Clouded Leopard of Borneo

The clouded leopard is a medium-sized feral cat found in the deep forests of Asia. Very little is known about the untamed behavior of clouded leopards due to their particularly enigmatic nature. Much of our understanding of this wild cat’s natural history and behavior is a result of clarification of them in confinement.

Leopard arts

Leopard arts