El Vestido Negro

By. Marina Morales

Standing in front of a mirror in her mothers silk black dress , the young girl stares at herself in awe since she does not recognize the beautiful young lady of her own reflection. She asks herself 'Is this me?". She observes how seductive her eyes and lips look painted with her mothers make up. She is nervous because she is not yet old enough for the things and desires of a women, so she slips off the black dress and rushes to the sink to wash the woman off her young face.


Sensual Art

"Cherry Lull Fandango"

By David Arredondo

MATERIALS USED: Oil pastels & oil based colored pencils on (15" x 20") rag surfaced illustration board of medium weight.

This image copyright ©ConvictedArtist.com Law 2002.

PAINTING SIGNIFICANCE: But what is this force, then, by which Don Juan seduces ? It is desire, the energy of sensuous desire. He desires in every woman the whole of womanhood. The reaction to his gigantic passion beautifies and develops the one desired who flushes in enhanced beauty by his reflection. As enthusiast's fire with seductive splendor illumines even those who stand in a casual relation to him, so Don Juan transfigures in a far deeper sense every girl.

Sensual arts

"Cherry Lull Fandango closeup "

Sensual paintings