Gothic paintings

"None Evil Nun"

By. David Arredondo

MATERIAL USED: Cold press surface (15" x 20") illustration board of medium weight oil pastels, oil based colored pencils.

PAINTING SIGNIFICANCE: "None Evil Nun" Hears No Evil, See's No Evil, And Speaks no Evil. She understands that the force of evil entices ones ears to listen into the business of other than ones own, arouses ones eyes to see the forbidden secrets of others and lures ones tongue to slip & slide with wreck less gossip. The None Evil Nun practices the art of silence, for silence is golden while curiosity kills the cat.


I think
I'm wasting time
Ignoring the form cause
Of the name, when in actual fact
The form is in my humble opinion
Much betterer than the cinquain
So in the near future
I will write one
I think.

Gothic arts and poems