In Love with my Ride


Poem: C.A.

Car: 1936 Buick Location: Glendale, Az

Photos: Josh Grajeda



Obsession for excellence, passed down father to son.

First set of wheels, Addictions just begun.


Simply the best, nickel plate triple chrome,

Vintage NOS, worth more than gold.


Full-scale restoration won’t settle for less.

GM, AC Delco, nothing but the best.


Love affair with my ride, old factory stock.

Naked Lady Hubs, a marriage on the rocks.


Received a package in the mail, coker tires so rare.

They cost me a nut, but screw I don’t care.


Sweet thirty six, 320 cubic inch.
Clutch and transmission, oohh what a synch.


Knee-action front suspension, rear axle and universal joint.

Price pissed off my wife, why argue the point?


Sick with obsession, perfection and aggression,

In love with my ride and that’s my confession.

Art & Graphics By. D. Arredondo ©

Viejitos 7th Annual Car Show